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What it Means to Be Fully Self-Expressed

"Self-expression" was my word for 2021. And when I chose that word to really live into for the year, I thought that by the end of the year, I would be 100% living as my true, authentic self. And so, the first step I took into showing up as "the real me" was dying my hair pink.

But, to my confusion, I still didn't feel like I was showing up as the truest version of myself. In fact, I felt less like myself. Not that I wouldn't go pink ever again, but labeling my authentic self as someone who has pink hair felt off.

And the confusion persisted over the next few months, as I tried to grapple with who I actually am - what do I like to wear, what are the things I like to do for fun, who am I really at my absolute core, and everyone's favorite question: what is my purpose?

(Not to mention my continuous inner argument about how I shouldn’t be trying to figure out who I really am and what I truly want in my 30s.)

However, now one full month and two weeks into 2022, I realize that "self-expression" was not a question that needed to be answered. It was and is a continual discovery and uncovering of my Self, who I am at my core. It's layered, complex, sometimes messy, yet simple and aligned all at once.

Thinking outside of the boxes

We often think that being fully self-expressed has much more to do with how we look than how we feel. We think it's more of a loud "look at me!" than actually a bold, "here I am."

Being self-expressed is not putting ourselves in a category made up by society. It is allowing ourselves to just be. Tapping into our core truth, living our values, and moving from center.

In this authentic way of living, we get to know ourselves on a soul level. We get our Selves. We connect with what's aligned, and what isn't quietly falls away.

Self-expression is standing in who you are and what you do with confidence. It definitely can be dying your hair pink (or whatever color you like), or getting more tattoos, or decorating your physical body in a new way. But only if that expression started inward.

Let yourself be as fully self-expressed on the outside as you feel on the inside. Get to know yourself so well that you can only show up as your most authentic Self.

Tools for uncovering your truth

In my quest of being fully self-expressed last year, there were also some tools that were put in front of me that really helped me "get" myself. One of them was my life coaching course, in which I took and coached a 6-week program that helped me to get clear on my core values, my identity, and my purpose.

Another resource that I used to get to know myself was astrology. I took a 5-week course that really helped me get to know my birth chart, and in essence helped me to get to know myself on a more cosmic, soul-aligned level. If you're not familiar with astrology on a level beyond your weekly horoscope, there is so much information that really helps us to connect with the plan our souls mapped out for us before we landed here on Earth. (More on this in a future post, as well as a new offering - astrology readings!)

I also began a daily yoga practice, something I never have done for myself before - even after teaching for years. Yoga allows me to connect to my physical body on a deeper level, and has given me an appreciation and love for my body that I certainly did not have before.

Self-expression gives you freedom

All of this to say that as I get to know myself more, I get to show up as myself. I am slowly letting go of the habit of looking to what others are doing for the "right" next move. I am moving away from being afraid to show up as me, for fear of looking dumb, or not being taken seriously (my worst fear as a Capricorn Moon and Rising - iykyk).

I'm learning that life is this beautiful, messy, simple, complex quest of getting clues into what our souls mapped out for us, and step by step, living into that truth. And the more we peel back the layers of our truth, the more we become our most authentic, fully-expressed selves.

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