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The Art of Changing Careers: Build your dreams while still paying your bills

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

How many times have you heard someone say or post something about getting in the right mindset is the thing to do to live your dream life?

A few years ago, this was the only piece of advice I wanted to hear to run with and quit my day job to pursue a yoga and music career. I had the right mindset, so nothing could go wrong - I'd just keep manifesting the money to pay my bills and survive, and all would be great!

And that is not at all what happened.

Do I believe in having the right mindset and that we have the power to create our lives? Yes.

Do I believe that you can just fly blindly into the ethers in doing so. No. Well, not anymore.

Because that is exactly what I did a few years ago. I was teaching a few yoga classes per week and playing in a band, and decided to spontaneously leave my full-time job. The Universe had my back, and it would catch me.

And as I was falling, what actually caught me was the quick (yet not quick enough - but that's a story for another post) realization that I wasn't making enough to cover my bills.

Before I knew it, I found myself back in a 9-5, staring at a computer screen and feeling totally out of alignment. Now, let me point out that in retrospect, I do think this was a move that was made out of fear and limiting beliefs that working a job that sucked my soul out was the only way to have stability. But - if I had set the structures in place that I needed to continue to feel secure and stable before leaving my first soul-sucking job, I would have made a different choice.

When we start to feel like we're losing control of an area of our lives, our natural tendency is to go back to the thing that maybe didn't feel good, but it felt safe. Our brains are always looking for safety and security - and in creating our lives, we have to create that for ourselves.

So, am I saying to stay in your job that has your eyes shutting with fatigue and counting down the hours until the weekend? Absolutely not. But what I am saying is to give yourself structure and plan out your career transition.

Start by giving yourself a timeline. I've gotten this advice from a few awesome coaches and it really stuck with me. Give yourself a legitimate date that feels aligned where you can fully move into the next phase of your career.

Also, really look at your finances. This was something that I totally did not do, and just flew by the seat of spontaneity. Look at your bills, exactly what you have to pay every month, and what number you need to have in your account that will keep you comfortable - and your survival brain feeling secure. Then, create a plan for what you need to save just in case you have a lull month.

And this one is a bit on the more energetic side, but fully be present in the now. Set up your date, know what you're saving from each paycheck, but also be present with your current reality and fully show up for it. I found myself plenty of times just whining about how this wasn't my life's purpose and whatever, whatever. But when I let myself fully be with my position and take it moment by moment, the days don't seem to move as slowly.

Transitioning in your career, especially from a 9-5 that feels misaligned to a more entrepreneurial space, is exciting. Really feeling like you want to move forward in an area of your life can be so fulfilling, and stepping into a career that feels like it's really you is truly rewarding. What's even more rewarding, is setting yourself up so that the path is only upward. Give yourself structure, so that you can experience more freedom and ease.

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