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Keep Your Stride Through the "Okay" Times

When you think about your big dream or overall vision for your life, it might feel like something that should be a constant YES. And when you are in the YES mindset, you start to make the shifts and take the actions toward your overall goal, and you're in all the right vibes and things are going up and up until...

Suddenly, you realize that life actually isn't so bad as it is. You're feeling grateful for that last paycheck, or that pretty lucrative shift you just had, and you think - wait, why am I working toward something else again? And you settle, step back, and more time passes before you come back to that feeling of - holy shit, I need to change my whole life, like yesterday.

The fact is, it's easier to get to our bigger visions for ourselves when we're absolutely, painfully pushed. When we hate our jobs, need to get out of our living situation, and are simply tired of being tired. But what about the times that... aren't so bad? What about when you get a job that is actually tolerable, pays the bills, and then some? It's not the level you want to be living but, it'll do. What about when you're having an overall just better day? These are the things that make us second guess our bigger dreams.

In my coaching sessions, we've been working on what's called Values, Identity, & Purpose (VIP) Visioning. In these sessions, clients get super clear on what's most important to them in terms of their values, which leads them to discover different parts of their identity, then their purpose, and overall vision for their lives. Doing these sessions myself has been nothing short of incredible in finding out exactly what is and isn't aligned with my bigger vision for my own life.

And - I'm finding those pockets of time where I start to settle back into the, "Oh, this is fine" way of life. And maybe it is fine. But we're not here to be just fine. You're here to live your life with purpose, to be so filled up with joy and fun and ease. Life isn't supposed to be just mediocre. It's supposed to be fucking awesome.

In the past, I let my bigger dreams fall to the wayside. I wanted to stay safe, secure, and continued to just survive - not really live. And while it's definitely not reality to be motivated 24/7, you can get to know the parts of yourself, what's truly important to you, so well that you start to notice the lulls and don't give into them. You recognize when it's not your highest self who's making the decisions - just a part of you that feels scared, insecure, or just okay with settling. Of course, let yourself rest, take time off from your pursuit if you want, but don't give into settling for those long periods of time.

So, how do you get through the "fine" vibrations? The first step in keeping stride through the "okay" times is to get incredibly clear on what you want. This is where a lot of us can get stopped - but the reality is, you know what you want. Sometimes it takes a little digging, a little guidance, maybe a little time off the comparison wagon, but it's there. Tune in and listen to what is an absolute yes for you - and, an absolute no. What do you value? What is your biggest vision for your life? You know it - you just don't think you can have it. And you can.

Get clear on what you want. Figure out why you want it and why it's important to you. Create accountability for yourself. And don't let your life just be "okay." You were made for so much more.

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