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A Love Letter to the Woman Who Wants to Remember Who TF She Is

There was a time when you once knew what you wanted.

You were so certain, so confident and full of life around it. There was no second-guessing, no discerning whether it would look good on paper or get you a mortgage one day.

Clarity was not a question, nor was living as *you*.

Until the people in your life started telling you what was what. You started to become afraid to be yourself because the fear of being alone was so much greater. You started to blend in.

You became a chameleon, wearing an imaginary mask, becoming small so as not to be found out.

Your voice became quieter and quieter. Maybe you even liked it better that way at times - but deep down, there was always a nagging in your heart.

But you wanted to fit in, and you felt like pressing down your dreams and the life you desired was the only way. And those dreams started to slowly fade, the more you told yourself they weren’t worth pursuing. You found yourself in a space of confusion, unsure of which direction to go in.

And I want you to know that that was okay.

I want you to forgive yourself for shrinking, for trying to fit into a mold that wasn’t your creation. I want you to know that your journey, all of that, will be well worth it.

The second guessing that you struggle with day in and day out is only a nudge to tell you that you actually already know what you want. You just need to remember.

Or maybe you do remember, but it’s scary to face it. The life you want isn’t like your parents’ life, your siblings’ life, your partner’s, your friends’.

The life you want isn’t “what people do” where you’re from. They don’t have careers that are outside the standard 9-5 - and maybe it’s been harder for you because they don’t seem to mind, and you don’t understand why you can’t just get behind it like everyone else.

But you can’t - and I promise you, that is for the absolute best.

There is a reason you can’t quite conform; there is always a reason that we want the things we want, the life that we want. And it all starts with remembering who you are.

To remember who you are, you need to first slow down. You need to create space in your world and connect with your body, your being, the present moment.

You need to put your feet on the ground and allow yourself to breathe. You need to honor the parts of you that have been waiting for a chance to be heard. The parts of you that were shut down when you were young, or played small out of fear of being hurt.

You need to create your own values - what do you actually value in this life?

You need to let go of the need to people-please. You need to let go of the fear of not being liked, not fitting in. I promise you, the more you become yourself, the more you will find like-minded souls who you leave feeling fulfilled, not drained.

You need to let go of the fear of failing. We fail all the time. It only brings us closer to our soul’s path in this life, and ultimately closer to our core being.

You need to let go of the fear of not having enough time and money. If that’s what’s holding you back, you’ll never actually feel like you have enough.

And it all starts with deciding that you’re ready to let go.

What would it feel like if you actually trusted yourself for once? Trusted your own intuition, that inner knowing that’s been there all along? What would it be like to finally put down the weight you’ve been carrying on your shoulders all these years, some of which was never yours to carry?

What if the knots in your stomach, the anxiety, the feeling of regret, didn’t exist anymore?

It feels free. It feels like your soul can breathe. It feels like continuous gratitude for looking around at the life you created.

Some days are still hard, of course, because life is life. But when you drop the mask, open your heart, and put down the bag of bricks you've been carrying over your shoulder, you begin to understand that the possibilities of what you can do and create are truly endless.

When you remember who you are, connect to that strong, confident, beautiful core of yours, you will walk through life KNOWING that you are living on purpose. Feeling lit up, creative, magical. And you will inspire the people in your life - your partner, your friends, your kids, your family - to do the same.

So please, scream as loud as you can the things that you want.

Let yourself be happy, be free - you are worthy of it all.

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