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Time to put your creative ideas into action.

I don't know about you, but I'm really an "ideas person"... I have so many things that I'm interested in, so many things I want to accomplish in my life - and yet, I spent a lot of time feeling like I was spinning in circles, not sure how to make my goals and dreams happen.

Not to say that all of my ideas just went unfulfilled - but it would take me a lonnnng time to actually take action. And that action was mostly unorganized and sort of chaotic.

When I did my life coaching training last fall, I realized what was missing from really making my ideas come to life: a clear, concise action plan and accountability from a coach or partner. Because as dreamers and creators, we are the "ideas people"; we are so good at coming up with ideas, but sometimes it takes a bit of support to make them reality. And the cycle of losing steam continues, and we end up right back where we started.


That's where Create With Clarity comes in. I've created this 4-week program specifically for my fellow dreamers and overthinkers to help you create small, actionable goals to help you put into action a specific larger goal; perhaps it's writing a book, starting a podcast, releasing a song, you name it. We'll meet for 60 minutes each week over the phone or on Zoom (your choice), and you'll leave our call with a goal to complete over the following few days, with me as your accountability partner.


Here's what you'll get...

  • 4, 60-minute calls - 1x per week

  • Accountability in between calls via Voxer - allows for both texts and voice messaging

  • Weekly, digestible goals that feel attainable, yet build to your larger, overall goal or dream

  • Less overwhelm and overthinking; more grounded, intentional action and results

This program is for you if...

  • You have had this idea that you know you would absolutely love to bring to life, but for some reason you just haven't yet...

  • You are a creative person, but maybe you don't get to shine that part of you in your day to day life...

  • You do much better with accountability and talking things through; you know that you'll get something done if you have to actually tell someone that you've done it... (🙋‍♀️)

  • You know that if you could actually do *the thing* you've been wanting to do, you would feel more expansion, joy, creativity, and sparkle in your life

A little background on me...


As a life coach, 500-hour certified yoga instructor, and singer/songwriter, I've found my own purpose in helping women create lives that are aligned, fulfilling, and authentic. I spent the majority of my 20s searching and people-pleasing, feeling like I just couldn't figure out life - when really, I knew what I wanted all along. That is what I believe is true for all of us: we always know, deep down, what we want. Sometimes we just need a little guidance in getting there.

In coaching, I take that exact approach. Coaching, as I've learned and practice, is not giving advice. Coaching is holding space for the client to be heard, and to discover their own breakthroughs. You'll find in our calls that it will be your own words that lead to your breakthroughs - it's an incredibly magical, self-discovering process.

The best way to decide if this is the right path for you is to schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call! You'll gain insight on an area of your life, whether you choose to sign onto the program or not.

Pricing + Payment Options

One Time Payment​


3 Payments


6 Payments


Have questions? Ready to get started?

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