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Get to know yourself on a deeper level through coaching, energy healing, and the cosmos.


Relax and let go with energy healing sessions.


Clarity Coaching

Programs and packages to guide you on your journey of confidence, creativity, and clarity.


Gain cosmic clarity around your personality, career, relationships, and more.

Time to tap into your most authentic self.


Ever feel like you're spinning in circles, not sure what the next "right" move is, or what it even is that you want?

Maybe you've had a few different jobs, or you're in a career that just doesn't feel like it's what you're meant for.

Maybe you have a creative project that you really want to start, but don't know what's in your way.

Through the tools of life coaching, Reiki, astrology readings, movement, and music, I help women uncover the truths about who they really are, release indecision and stop second-guessing, and tap into their creativity and confidence.

By living our truth, we get to show up in the world as our best, most authentic and inspiring selves. And you deserve to live a life that's fully and soulfully you. 

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